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Butterfly Valves

Product Name: Butterfly Valve



 Product Model No.D 3 94 71X-161



 Specifications (size)DN50-2000


First Use

The butterfly bamper is true of petroleum emical engineering foodstuff edicine and  spinningpapermakingelectric powerdrainand gas piping, and the action is regulated flow and closure medium.

Second Characteristic

1 design ingenuityreasonablenessstructure distinctnesslight in weightstart-up and closed rapidity andinessalability and easy adjustment.

2 the action of butterfly bamper is regulated flow and closure mediumThe electric actuator is one or two grade pack type, attendance convenienceThere are many characteristics such as dual overload protectioncentralized control between mechanism and electric appliance.


Third  Standard Specification

Design   and manufacture

GB/T14478   JB/T5299

tubing   and flange

JB/T74-90   GB/T12380 GB/T9112-9131

structural   length


experimental   examination

GB/T14478   GB/T13927

quality   assurance



Fourth Main Technical Details

inside   nominal diameter DN50-DN3000

test   pressure PSmm



nominal   pressure




working   pressureMpa


medium temperature


adaptive medium

No   corrosive corporation such as water, seawater, silt water and oil product   etc.


Fifth Major Parts Stuff



valve body

cast   iron   nodular graphite cast iron   cast steel   stainless steel

butterfly board

cast   iron   nodular graphite cast iron   cast steel   stainless steel

valve stem

stainless   stee   45#

lock ring

abrasive   rubber  butadiene nitrile rubber  ethylene-propylene rubber


butadiene   nitrile rubber cheveron ring       expanded graphite


Major Size For Connection:(see figure one

Sixth   Installation Use Cum Attendance And Notice

1 The butterfly bamper needs to be cleaned up the sundries in valve body intracavitythen  close up the valve to null in preinstallation. The valve could be installed at any angle of pipeline'sthe assembled position should guarantee repair convenience. The seal stress direction of butterfly board's has moulded at valve bodyplease analyzer the water of tubes' at the pressure  direction when the valve is closed up at installation time, avoid to impact the seal effect of valve ring's.

2 After the valve installation, please clean up the valve and conduit inside. when do pipeline strength test, the valves should be wholly unlocked.

3 after the valve installation, please adjust turbine

and screw 1 or 2 according to practical situation.

( as chart) after adjustment, please do nut check.

4 The valves should be deposited in interior

dryness section at preinstallation and the butterfly

board is unlockedand the angle is 4-5.


1 DN<200  the direction of rotation of the butterfly bamper rein's is counterclockwise, when rein is paralleled with the conduit, all the reins are wholly unlockedwhen rein is plumbed with the conduit, all the reins are wholly locked.

2 DN>=200  the butterfly bamper is turbo drivenwhen gyrate the handwheel( counterclockwise),please keep someone under observation on the hand direction of rotation of the unlock degree'swhen the angle of swing is 90,all are wholly unlockedthe other way round all are wholly locked.

3 When the electric butterfly valves leave factory, the factory has adjusted well the control organ's start-stop strokefor preventing the wrong direction of power charge onplease make the users unlock the valve's in-between position manually firstly before power-on, then press crawl switch to inspect that the indication direction whether or not accords with the direction of butterfly board's.

4 In the course of counterchecking sealability by usersif it appears bleb and undersealing or setover phenomenait may be the reason for the looseness of  turbine head set screw's in transportation process as chart. Inspecting boltif the valve is shutted untightly, please screw out the set screw in minitrimwhen the setover is shutted, please screw in set screw in minitrimafter adjustment please screw down temper screw's locknut.

Eighth   Malfunction Cum Exclude Means

contingent   malfunction

broken-down cause

debugging means

sealing   surface let out

the valve base's sealing surface is fished tail

butterfly board is shutted missing the location

the bolt looseness on the lock ring platen of the   butterfly board

adopt enthesis to restore and adjust gearing, which makes   it closen up to the location

please screw down bolts uniformity on the cross

stub let out

stuffing gland nut of top roll's loosens

gland bolt of oscillating shaft's loosens or sealer is   spoiled

please screw down bolts uniformity on the cross end cover   or change sealer

the flange plane between valve and conduit join section   let out

connecting bolt loosens or screwed down force of bolt's   is nonuniform

rubber blanket aging

joint and screw down uniformly, change new rubber blanket

rein or handwheel is incapable of screwing to complete   shutdown position

valve inside has sundries order checkpoint block

be sure to unlock the butterfly board some angle and to   proceed flashing or do hand cleaning sundries