Various Valves

Flat gate Valve

Product Name: Flat gate Valve

Product Model No.PZ73H-10C

Specifications (size)DN80

Flat gate valve application guide

. Structure features of flat gate valve

1). the sealing surface of gate valve can be rised.  the sticky matter on the sealing surface can be

 scraped, and the sundries can be clear up automatically.

2). the stainless steel valve can avoid rusting and leaking.

3). the characteristic of short size can save material and install space. Morever, it has sufficient

 strength to support the pipe.

4). the reasonable design of upper sealing-stuffing-box makes the upper sealing safe and durable.

5). the triangle bracket can save material and ensure the necessary mechanics properties.

6). the block-oriented on the valve can ensure the correct movement; the extrusion-block ensures effective sealing.

7). the design of valve with ribs will improve its strength.

8). stainless steel valve stem is durable, and the double-head nuts make it more quickly to open and close.

9). you can choose the drive as you want.


.. product choosing notice

1) when purchase, you should annotate the norminal, pressure and the standars neede for the valve connection.  Or we will produce the valves according to the introduction if you have no indication.

2) if you have special requirements for the valves, you should give clear indication of the parameters such as special sizes and material. Or we will produce the valves with our material if you have no indication.

3) we will collocate the drive device according to our sprescribe if you have no special requirements.

4). the user should provide the working medium, teperature and pressure, which are needed for the valves, and we will choose the appropriate type for you.


. Operation introduction

1). you should chack the valve type, connection sizes and the flow direction of medium to make sure to be accordance with the requirements of vlave.

2) reserve necessary space for the driving when install.

3) the wirings should be connected according to the circuitry.

4).  Maintain the valve regulary.  Don’t impact and aqueeze the valves to avoid leaking.