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Float Ball valve

Product Name: Float Ball valve

Product Model No.HC100X-(1010C1616C25)

Specifications (size)DN50-4500

100X Telecontrol Floating Valve


  We design the product referring to the same type of advanced domestic and foreign products. We adopt the full-channel-streamline style with the characteristic of small fluid resistance,  large flow and perfect sealing effect. the conduit control system is set on the main valve, which can control the level of water towers or pools automatically by hydraulic operation. It’s durable, flexible, accurate to control the water level and easy to mainain. Morever the water lavel is not interfered by water pressure and  closed tightly without leaking. welcome to purchase this product!



  The valve is compost of main valve, pin valve, ball valve, float valve and micro  filter and so on. See fifure 1.


                                    figure 1. structure gragh

1. valve                2. plug screw              3.valve seat

4.O-shape sealing ring    5. O-shape sealing ring      6. O-shape sealing cover

7. O-shape sealing ring   8.valve stem               9. valve disc

10. membrane          11. membrane cover         12.nut

13.sping               14.valve bonnet            15. guide plug

16.nut                 17.bolt                   18 ball vlave

19.float valve           20 ball valve              21 pin valve

22. micro filter

               Main technical performance

Norminal   pressure


1.6 MPa

2.5 MPa

Shell   test pressure

1.5 MPa

2.4 MPa

3.75   MPa

Sealing   test pressure

1.1 MPa

1.76   MPa

2.75   MPa

Applicable   temperature

0 °C~80   °C

Applicable   medium




                    Working Principle

 When the water is supply form the valve inlet side in the pipeline, scince the pin valve, ball valve and float valve are open, the water will flow through the filter 22, pin valve 21 and flow into the bonnet control room, then through the ball valve 20 and float valve 19, and flow into the water tank.  It cannot produce pressure in the control room, and the inlet pressure of the main valve disc will lift the main valve and open the disc to supply abundant water. When the lever increases gradually in the water tank, the float ball will float up and shut the float valve 19, and the pressure

will increase gradually by the water in the control room until the main valve disc is shut down. Thus the automatic telecontrol takes effect.

                      installation and maintenance


. Install the valve at the inlet pipe of the pool or high water-town. The best way to install the valve is on the pipeline, and the valve cover is upalong. However, other installation ways can also reach to the operation function.

. clear up the sundries in the pipelines before installation, and wash pipelines thoroughly. Tke notice to the mark of flow direction on the main valve, and install the valve according to the directions.

. Install a gate valve and a filter in front of  the main valve,  also install a gate valve behind the main valve for reparing easilly.

. when you test water, turn on the ball valve on the valve cover at first, and turn on the gate valve before the main valve slowly. Then the valve will supply water for the tank. Turn off the ball valve, and the main valve will also be turn off. If the valve cannot close, there maybe dunghill under the valve disc, please clear it up and try again. when the main valve supply water,  water will also flow through the float guide valve. If lift the float ball, the guide valve will close, and then the main valve will also close, which prove that the float guide valve is all right.

. The float valve is install on the main valve. In order to pack easily the actual installation conditions is showed in figure 2.

. clean the micro filter at the inlet of main valve guide plug once for 2~3 months.


                      figure 2. 100X telecontrol float valve installation diagram


. this installation way is applicable to any valves with differment diameters. Please reserve enough access  holes to repair easily.

. If the main valve is installed in the well, please reserve enough space around it for repair. If the main valve adopt piston, the access hole should be set on the top of the main valve for listing the piston when reparing.